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Press Release/22 March 2024

BJIM condemns attack on Dhaka reporter by 'ruling party' cadres

Bangladesh Journalists in International Media (BJIM) strongly condemns the brutal assault on journalist Sabbir Ahmed and calls for improved safety measures for journalists in Bangladesh.

Sabbir, a reporter for Shomoyer Alo, was severely beaten with iron rods and hockey sticks by a large group believed to be members of the Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL), a student organisation affiliated with the ruling Awami League party. The attack occurred on Friday evening in Dhaka.

The attackers abandoned Sabbir on the roadside after inflicting serious head and back wounds. This is not an isolated incident, as BCL has been accused of violent attacks on journalists in the past. Despite repeated assurances from the authorities,  we hardly notice any strong actions against perpetrators. BJIM blames a culture of impunity for allowing these pro-government groups to repeatedly target the press.

BJIM demands that the government cover Sabbir's medical expenses and hold the responsible men accountable for their actions.

On behalf of all BJIM members,

SAM Jahan, Convener, BJIM


Faisal Mahmud, Member Secretary, BJIM

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