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Press Release/9 March 2024

BJIM condemns arrest of Sherpur journalist, demands immediate release

Bangladeshi Journalists in International Media (BJIM), is demanding the release of a journalist who was arrested while trying to obtain information legally.


Shafiuzzaman Rana, a reporter for the Bengali daily Desh Rupantor, was arrested in Sherpur district after requesting a receipt for a Right to Information request he submitted to a local government office. The clerk refused to provide a receipt, and when Rana persisted, the administrator called the police and had him jailed through a mobile court.

BJIM believes Rana was simply exercising his legal rights as a journalist and citizen, and that his arrest is a violation of press freedom. We are calling for his immediate release, a neutral investigation into the incident, and improved professionalism from government officials.

On behalf of all BJIM members,

SAM Jahan, Convener, BJIM


Faisal Mahmud, Member Secretary, BJIM

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