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Photo: Raton Gomes


Saif Hasnat began his career in journalism as a sports reporter for an online news outlet in 2013. In recent years, he has broadened the scope of his reporting, exploring new avenues and opportunities.

In last couple of years, Saif has skillfully reported on a multitude of topics, including the Covid-19 response in Bangladesh, communal tensions, the Rohingya refugee crisis, the impacts of climate change, and the creativity of new business ventures.

He now covers nearly every issue of Bangladesh for The New York Times, from development and disaster to politics, civil liberties, and climate change.

Additionally, he covers cricket, the most widely followed sport in South Asia, for the United News of Bangladesh.

Before joining The New York Times as an independent reporter, Saif also reported for HuffPost, The Quint, and other outlets.

Saif is a BJIM co-founder.

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